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A small team of female hacktivists from across the African continent harness the power of the internet to create a network of African women – The African Barbie Army – and become the most effective social activists on the continent.


The vibrant cities of Monrovia, Lagos, Cairo, Maputo and Jo’burg will be our main backdrops as we follow our protagonists quest to make social change through ethical hacktivism.
   We will see a broad spectrum of African environments, from Cairo’s famous Manshiyat Naser (or “Garbage City”), Yaba (the tech hub of Lagos, Nigeria), the bustling Sinkor area within Monrovia, Maputo in Mozambique, as well as Jo’burg in South Africa.
   Our protagonists will be involved in hacktivism so will be networking within these vibrant environments. Their style will be trendy Afro Futurist mixed with a Punk aesthetic, and show Africa in a way that it is almost never portrayed in media.

Themes that will be covered in this series are: 

  • Sexism and “manels”

  • Poaching

  • Child trafficking

  • Xenophobia

  • Romance scams

Development Status 

Outline Completed
Seeking Development Partner

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