My Eleven – Feature Film (Comedy Drama)

An Inspiring Tale for All Ages


A young boy, who has always wanted to be a professional footballer but lacks the physical ability and skill, shows astute tactical knowledge during a call to a football phone-in show, and is given the chance to coach his favourite local side.


My Eleven is an inspiration family drama that falls within the “wish-fulfilment” and “ascended fanboy” genres of film; films which play into people’s hopes and ideals and that explore this tantalising “what if?” premise.

Some successful films which fall into this overall idea are Goal!, which follows the journey of a poor but talented footballer who is offered the dream chance of a trial at a major football club, award-winning indie film A Boy Called Sailboat, and also Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, which plays into most children’s fantasies of being offered the chance of going to a magical sweet factory.


Development Status 

Script Completed

Foreign rights available for purchase