The Estate – Comedy Series

From Dish Cloths to Riches

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A dedicated but recently out-of-work domestic worker is surprised to discover that she has inherited her grateful late employer’s mansion in an exlusive housing estate. She decides to move her family out of a nearby informal settlement and into the affluent suburbs. 


Christina Motsepe’s life is transformed in an instant when she is rewarded for decades of loyal service. But she soon realises that owning a large house in the suburbs is not completely full of happy moments. For one, she now cleans the same house but doesn’t get paid to do it. She is even considering hiring a domestic worker to help her out, and this very idea is a difficult one for Christina to comprehend.
    Christina’s journey will take her on a path where she has to deal with some neighbours who do not accept her presence in their gated community, others who are incredibly nosy and curious about her lifestyle, and some distant relatives who only recently made contact and who are now trying to take advantage of her newfound affluence. 

With The Estate, we look at what would happen if a person of relatively modest means found themselves thrust into the life of a privileged person. Most of us at some stage in our lives have imagined what it would be like to either be a lot wealthier or a lot poorer than we currently are, and how this would impact upon us as people. It is this question that forms the basis of Christina Motsepe’s story as she embarks upon a new life of privilege in The Estate.
    As the series progresses, we look at issues such as self-identity and how a change in location and financial situation can lead a person to question their place in society. Christina will grapple with life in an environment which is very far removed from the one she is used to, and her presence in the security estate will also cause her new neighbours to question their own motives for wanting to live a life removed from the rest of society.