Wraak – Limited-run Series (Thriller)


A dogged but disillusioned reporter, whose family is planning to emigrate to Australia, is tasked with investigating the recent attempted murder of a white advocate by a taxi driver in a case of apparent road rage, and ends up risking everything he cares about to uncover the truth.


Wraak is a psychological thriller set in present day South Africa that explores the issue of vengeance and retribution in a society where the populace feels that the justice system is failing. The series follows the lives of multiple characters who are all affected by an apparent act of road rage in Braamfontein, Johannesburg where a young advocate was knocked over and dragged up the road by a taxi driver. 
    Wraak follows the travails of a group of ordinary South Africans, all of whom have their lives inexorably changed by one incident on a busy Monday morning in Johannesburg.
    It is through their eyes – a reporter, an engaged couple, a taxi driver, a psychologist, a teacher, a student, a prisoner – that we slowly unravel the devastating, tragic, gripping and horrific repercussions of an incident of apparent road rage. Their lives, and the lives of our viewers, will never be the same again.


Development Status 

Detailed Outline Completed
Seeking Development Funding