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About David Schröder

I am a South African director and scriptwriter with 10+ years’ experience as a storyteller and prolific idea generator. My background as a commissioning editor means I have a strong sense for which stories have broad, international appeal, and I focus on creating content with the potential for adaptation into spin-off projects. I have a B.IS (Publishing) and a BA Motion Picture Medium (Cum Laude).

My debut feature film, Mense van die Wind (People of the Wind), released worldwide on Netflix in November 2022. I have three feature films, two animated series, and a live-action television series currently in the development phase.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

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Camgirl Confidential.jpg


A disabled boy, who dreams of becoming a professional footballer but lacks the physical ability and skill, shows astute tactical knowledge and is given the chance to coach his favourite local professional side.


A repressed and impressionable student is recruited by an underground camming agency to become an online erotic model. Reluctant, but drawn to this unfamiliar and exciting world, she begins to explore her sexuality and personal boundaries.

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