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About David Schröder

With over a decade of expertise in the art of storytelling, I have honed an instinctual understanding of narratives that possess a universal allure, resonating across borders. I aim to craft content with immense adaptability, so my projects all possess an inherent potential to evolve into magnificent spin-off projects that will leave audiences spellbound.

My debut feature film, Mense van die Wind (People of the Wind), released worldwide on Netflix in November 2022. The film received 4 NFTA nominations (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Producer and Best Actor) and 1 SAFTA nomination (Best Original Music/Score).


I have two feature films, two animated series, and two live-action television series currently in the development phase.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

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A disabled boy, who dreams of becoming a professional footballer but lacks the physical ability and skill, shows astute tactical knowledge and is given the chance to coach his favourite local professional side.


A reserved Evangelical fashion student is recruited by an underground camming agency to work at The Oasis, a content house for online erotic models. Reluctant but tantalised by this unfamiliar and exciting world, she begins to explore her sexuality and personal boundaries.

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