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The Collector – Short Film

Title: The Collector – a 48 Hour Film Project


Summary: The Collector was our entry into the 2015 Four Points Film Project, an international competition which forms part of the 48 Hour Film Project. This short film tells the story of a reporter who is tasked with interviewing an eccentric recluse, only to find that the interview is merely an audition for something more sinister.


Genre: Doppelganger Film


Cast: Ryno Smook, Kevin Narain and Ursula Botha


Producer: Milan Olivier


Director: David Schröder


Screenwriters: David Schröder


Editor: Dean Daleski


Cinematographers: Johannes Pretorius and Dean Daleski


Sound Design: Nolene Olivier


Visual Effects: Simone Gumilar


Length/slot & format: 6-minute Short Film

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