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My Eleven – Animated Series (Comedy Drama)

An inspirational coming-of-age sports comedy drama for kids.


A disabled teen, who has always wanted to be a soccer player but lacks the required skill, shows astute tactical knowledge and is given the chance to coach his high school side and lead them to the finals of
a major national tournament.


My Eleven: The Animated Series combines the footballing highs, lows and tough personal choices
as seen in Supa Strikas and Roy of the Rovers, with Haikyu!’s teen high school drama. Most of the
action takes place in the vibrant areas of Soweto and greater Jo’burg, with the occasional foray into other exciting and diverse parts of South Africa.

    With the vibrant and colourful Jo’burg as a backdrop, My Eleven will take viewers on a journey from dusty township football pitches, through Soweto’s colourful and vibrant streets, and into the expensive avenues of Sandton and surrounds.
   We’ll see a broad spectrum of high schools which will highlight the immense class disparity present in South Africa, the joys and quirks of daily life in Soweto, and how football is able to unite individuals and communities from varied backgrounds.

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Development Status 

Outline Available

World rights available for purchase

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