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Timeless Test – Mockumentary Series


Timeless Test is a mockumentary series following the Cape Town Vintage Cricket Club’s peculiar and anachronistic members on their journey to recreate a classic format of the game – the timeless Test. Full of whimsy, quirky characters and cricketing lore, it’s a hilarious celebration of the beautiful and idiosyncratic game of cricket.


The Cape Town Vintage Cricket Club (CTVCC) was established to preserve and promote Test cricket as it was played in the late 19th and early 20th century. Its members are an eclectic bunch who take their devotion to the time period incredibly seriously. Some have even chosen to take things to the next level, living both on and off the pitch as if it is still the 1800s. In fact, the only person in South Africa currently living with polio is proud to call himself a member.
   As a way to celebrate the club’s 20th anniversary, the club’s founder and captain, Mitchell Cardus, is organising a “Timeless Test” against a rival vintage cricket club in the UK. The last Timeless Test (an archaic format of the game only played between 1877 and 1939), was played between South Africa and England and “was abandoned as a draw after nine days of play spread over twelve days, otherwise the England team would have missed the boat for home”.
   The CTVCC believes that this match needs a resolution and hopes that this new Timeless Test will give fans the result they have been waiting for for almost 90 years. And their efforts will surely please one proud South African cricket fan who was in the crowd on the final day of that notorious Test, and the centenarian has been eagerly anticipating this day and has refused to die until he gets a resolution.

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