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Assegai – Feature Film (Musical)

The Ultimate South African
Musical Experience


Nkanyezi Luthuli (NK), an SA-born, American raised hip-hop artist suffering from vivid nightmares of a red assegai, travels back to South Africa for the first time since his family emigrated in order to undertake a journey of self-discovery. There he discovers he may be the reincarnation of the legendary Shaka Zulu.


Assegai is a musical parable, a journey of self-discovery, about the need to make choices about good or evil that face every one of us. 
    It is a joyous celebration of optimism and positive thinking, of music and dancing, a tribute to creativity and the unconquerable wellsprings of energy and spiritual growth that exist in everyone. 

Assegai is filled with contemporary and exciting renditions of South Africa’s greatest songs set to superbly choreographed dance sequences with some of the country’s most beautiful and iconic locations as the backdrop.


Development Status 

Script completed

Seeking development funding

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