My Eleven – Feature Film (Drama)

An Inspiring Tale for All Ages


A disabled boy, who dreams of becoming a professional footballer but lacks the physical ability and skill, shows astute tactical knowledge and is given the chance to coach his favourite local professional side.


Soccer is the most popular sport in South Africa and I believe that My Eleven’s story will appeal to all fans of the sport, as well as to young boys and girls who have always dreamed of playing or managing their favourite team. As this is an inspirational story filled with positive messages, there are many opportunities for branding and sponsorship within the film. I feel that this film has similar potential to the 2005 football film Goal!, which struck one of the most lucrative corporate sponsorship deals in film history.

My Eleven Animated thesithlord_medium_shot_portrait_of_an_african_13_year_old_boy__496173f

Development Status 

Script Completed

Foreign rights available for purchase