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Camgirl Confidential – Live-Action Series (Drama)

Own Your Desire


A reserved Evangelical fashion student is recruited by an underground camming agency to work at The Oasis, a content house for online erotic models. Reluctant but tantalised by this unfamiliar and exciting world, she begins to explore her sexuality and personal boundaries.


Morgan’s life is at a crossroads. Her conservative Evangelical faith, her main support structure both spiritually and financially, has kept her social development in a stranglehold. And a church-funded scholarship to an elite fashion college is hindering her creativity.
   Potential salvation (or perhaps a further test of her wavering faith?) emerges when Amber, the enigmatic proprietor of The Oasis, a covert content house for online erotic models, extends an alluring invitation. It’s an opportunity that stands in defiance of the teachings Morgan holds dear, challenging the very essence of her religious beliefs about a woman’s role in society. 
   Morgan is bewitched by a world brimming with self-discovery and liberation, and finds her social and academic life thrust into unexpected directions. But this captivating new realm, while promising sexual and financial freedom, also harbours exploitation and peril, and Morgan loses much that she treasures in her pursuit of release.


Camgirl Confidential weaves high-stakes drama with moments of humour, portraying the lives of young individuals intoxicated by the newfound power given to them by online social platforms. Filled with mature, provocative themes, we offer a bold and unflinching look at the multifaceted journeys of these characters as they grapple with their newfound sexual power, freedoms and vulnerabilities.

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Development Status 

Outline and Pilot Episode Completed
Seeking Development Partner

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