Covert – Documentary Series

Transforming our Country, Under the Cover of Darkness

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This series of short documentaries follows the exploits of a group of people who engage in covert operations to alter people’s lives, implement social changes in Johannesburg’s inner city. All of this is done under the cover of darkness and without those who will be affected by it knowing anything at all about the plan.


South Africa is filled with once beautiful places that are in desperate need of transformation. Covert is a short-format documentary series that follows a group of “operatives” who have one mission: transform the country, one area at a time.
    Under the cover of darkness, this group of artists, engineers, architects and volunteers spend the night fixing potholes, clearing litter, erecting street lighting, painting and building, transforming what were once eyesores into beautiful spaces for the country’s residents. Think of this as an urban, gritty version of Extreme Makeover. All this is done overnight, leaving residents with a completely new landscape when they awaken.
    We will follow each project from the planning phase, through the transformation and, finally, to the reactions from the residents.