Mense van die Wind – Feature Film (Drama)


After the death of his fiancée, a dispassionate singer-songwriter moves back to his family’s farm to try and piece his life back together. There he gets a glimpse of what his future would have been like by witnessing his sister’s loveless marriage to an emotionless farmer, and finds hope in an abused young boy who he feels he can guide out of depression through his music.


Mense van die Wind is an Afrikaans drama that looks at one man’s search for hope after his world is turned upside-down after the death of his fiancée. His journey leads him to his childhood farm – a place he feels he can reconnect with his family and his land – and this will hopefully allow him to achieve some peace.

Filming was undertaken in Ermelo, Mpumalanga in January 2021 and completed in early February.

Development Status 

Funding Secured
Production complete

Release date 2022

Foreign rights available for purchase